Peeing through enlarged clitoris

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Hi I'm 12 years old! I lost my virginity about 3 days ago and it was u protected but it only lasted for about 15 seconds but now the inside of my vagina is itchy sometimes and I feel like I need to pee alot. He made me bled one time before this but it wasn't bad and he was kinda rough so we didn't think anything of it, I don't have any stds. If there is something wrong, you need to fix it I like the information given herethough i have two questions.

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Vaginal and vulval problems

Im 13 years old and my period comes irregularly sometimes more than once a month. If you do have a problem and you ignore espcially if it's an STD or yeast infection you can prevent yourself from ever being able to get pregnent. So I'm wondering I guess, what could cause this? After making a diagnosis, your doctor may recommend soaking in some warm water several times a day for up to four days, or holding a warm compress against the area to reduce the cyst and any swelling. There's yellow ish or greenish fluids that Will come out from my vagina.

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peeing through enlarged clitoris
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peeing through enlarged clitoris
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