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Although sometimes explained as being for hygiene reasons, the image of strict, disciplined conformity may certainly be a factor. A sexual fetish involving erotic head shaving is called trichophilia. I had some negative comments, but I really don't care what those people think, they are not important. The earliest historical records describing head shaving originated in ancient Mediterranean cultures, such as EgyptGreeceand Rome. Thanks for letting us know. It is less common for female characters to have shaved heads, however, some female characters are bald.

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A cropped head also helps them keep and stay clean.

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Bald dating: one woman on dating with a shaved head

Thinking about building a granny flat? In the past, Stewart had remarked that she planned to shave her head one day, and while her hair was buzzed, she wanted to get a tattoo on her skull as well. The shape of your face? Have confidence in yourself. Competitive swimmers will often shave their entire body, including the head, to reduce drag while swimming.

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